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Used Electric Golf Carts

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In Wilmington, Newark and beyond, no one knows electric golf carts like Delaware's Easy Lift Golf Cars. That's why we’re your best choice whether you're buying new or used. We stock and distribute all E-Z-GO model vehicles, and we have a large inventory of used electric carts that have been fully inspected by our team of trained technicians.

Because we're located in Delaware, you not only save money by avoiding the depreciation of buying new, but you also won't have to pay sales tax either. It's no surprise that customers come to us from throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including PA, NJ, MD and surrounding areas.

Buying Used: What You Need to Know

When purchasing a used electric cart, battery age can vary significantly - a factor which greatly affects the price of the vehicle. Carts offered for sale with used batteries can be purchased with new batteries for an additional charge. Investing in a new battery is often the best bet when buying an older cart. When making a purchase decision, our team will be happy to advise you on whether or not the expense of upgrading now is worth it - or if the cart's existing battery still has some life left in in.

Customizing Your Purchase

Our current selection of E-Z-GO used electric golf carts for sale consists of both TXT 36 volt models and RXV 48-volt models with AC drive motors. All used carts are provided with the original or new chargers and 54" Sun Tops. To customize your purchase, we offer a range of additional options such as lift kits and larger 12" or 14" aluminum or steel wheels, rear flip seats, 80" sun tops, MP3 players, head lights, taillights, horns, new colored bodies and chrome extras. Any of these features can be added for an additional cost.

Whether your purchase is destined for use on a golf course, on a corporate campus or in any other application, we'll make sure you get the accessories you need at a price that's good for your budget.

When you buy a used electric golf cart from Newark, Delaware's Easy Lift Golf Cars, all repairs, maintenance and upgrades are performed by trained technicians who know the E-Z-GO product line and can ensure work is completed to the highest standards. Protect your investment by buying from a team you can trust - contact Easy Lift Golf Cars at 1-800-233-1800 today.